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“Design For SEO”

Can I achieve page one ranking?

Generally people ask this question in the hope of achieving ‘page one’ within a day or a week, the truth is that if it is correctly done website ranking would normally take 3 – 6 months if you keep in mind that sustainability is the way forward; although nothing can be ever guaranteed, tall-tree endeavours to make this possible for you and your company.

Planning for SEO can take time and using optimisation tools and keyword insights, like; Google Keyword Planner can help get you started; results within Google planner are designed to use keyword algorithms to give an idea of specific user words that are most likely to come up into the search engine.

Experience has shown that many websites are heavily dependent on one word or a few key phrases, this however is not enough; we bring your keywords into formation to allow the search engines to pick up website presence more effectively. In time your website will benefit from SEO maintenance and as a company who cares about your website ranking; we always tell our customers that it’s best to include these main items when considering solution for SEO development.

Consider social networking;
Facebook, Twitter, Indexing

We are here to ensure that your website it opimised by looking directly at;

  1. Body management, Inbound linking / Outbound linking, Web site title corrections,Tag formatting, Website internal structure
  2. Keyword attachment and results, Adding a Sitemap html & xml, Keywords (Meta Tag),URL/Page Structuring
  3. W3C / CSS Validating, Submission to major search engines, Google Analytics, Google Advertising, .htaccess optimisation, Google Speed testing, Speed testing

As time goes by you will notice your website earn Google respect and start to rank higher, keeping your website sustainable is the one thing you should keep in mind and reviewing your websites content is a big step as Google loves fresh content.

You may have noticed that Google loves long description tagging, this is true and not only in your Meta data but also on your site pages; bringing back to ‘content first’ is a big step at looking at this; our team look at how we can improve your SEO for your website; we look at your keyword density structure and employ the above advise to high standard.
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