Creating responsive media for the web

“Make Your Own Web Responsive”

Fluid website design
Responsive website design has been taking the internet by storm for the past 5 years and with the increase in mobile devices, it is becoming ever more popular. When it comes to designing responsively, we really do put pencil to paper to work through a complete process to design our customers a modern and completely bespoke web page.

Our design scope to include responsive website design as part of the packages we offer was decided due to the increase in clientele who wanted a website that was built for change and flexibility; what we can do for you is design a multipage websites build on media queries, this media is designed to adapt to different screen sizes.

So why is this important?

More and more people view webpages on the move than ever before and having a web page that is Mobile friendly is the future of website design, this is why we offer a responsive web design package that is thinking outside the box and brings you closer to the term ‘one design to fit all’.

What this means is; there is no longer a need for several different designs to fit different screen widths, this is useful because it not only makes building your page quicker but also means that with the expansion of new styles, we can now use one design layout that will change according to the device you are viewing it on, whether it be the latest iPhone 5 or the new Samsung .

The best part about this is that our prices have not changed but the medium in which we approach our new projects have; if you are interested in responsive website design; talk to an expert.

As part of all our responsive design service we also offer a complete SEO package. Design for SEO is the driving force behind your website stands for Search Engine Optimisation. See our SEO page for more details.

Offering a complete package to all our clients; talk to an expert.
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